Zoom Dome Poe

4K 8MP 30fps 180X Zoom POE Speed Dome P2P PTZ IP Camera Built in Speaker and Mic

4K 8MP 30fps 180X Zoom POE Speed Dome P2P PTZ IP Camera Built in Speaker and Mic
4K 8MP 30fps 180X Zoom POE Speed Dome P2P PTZ IP Camera Built in Speaker and Mic
4K 8MP 30fps 180X Zoom POE Speed Dome P2P PTZ IP Camera Built in Speaker and Mic
4K 8MP 30fps 180X Zoom POE Speed Dome P2P PTZ IP Camera Built in Speaker and Mic
4K 8MP 30fps 180X Zoom POE Speed Dome P2P PTZ IP Camera Built in Speaker and Mic
4K 8MP 30fps 180X Zoom POE Speed Dome P2P PTZ IP Camera Built in Speaker and Mic

4K 8MP 30fps 180X Zoom POE Speed Dome P2P PTZ IP Camera Built in Speaker and Mic    4K 8MP 30fps 180X Zoom POE Speed Dome P2P PTZ IP Camera Built in Speaker and Mic

This is a brand new. Multi-functional intelligent AI PTZ IP CAMERA released.

It is equipped with a 18X optical zoom high-definition lens and supports 10X digital zoom, which can achieve a true 180x zoom camera. The camera supports 360° horizontal and unlimited rotation, which can achieve 724 hours of uninterrupted tracking and cruising. Equipped with 10 high-power LED lights, it can achieve infrared night vision distance of 150 meters at night, and achieve full-color night vision of 50 meters. The rich AI intelligent programming can meet the monitoring in most application scenarios, and truly realize multi-mode, multi-angle and multi-scenario video monitoring.

All functions can be customized. This camera supports multiple connection protocols and is perfectly compatible with your NVR and third-party management software platforms. Support ONVIF, Hikvision protocol, RTSP protocol, RTMP protocol, etc. And support IEEE802.3AT (1236/4578) POE connection.

4K 8MP 30fps(IMX415): Encoding chip: Mstar339+SONY IMX415. We can provide users with SDK secondary development kits. 1, High sensitivity, high signal-to-noise CMOS image sensorUsing the MSTAR338Q processing chip+SONY IMX415 CMOSThe highest pixel is up to 8MP, and the highest resolution is up to 8MP (38402160). 2, Support 8MP 20fps, 6MP, 5MP, 4MP, 3MP 30fps, 2MP 60fps. 265 compression algorithm, effectively reducing network bandwidth, supporting dual stream. 264 and MJPEG compression algorithm, effectively reducing network bandwidth. 6, Support humanoid recognition to trigger SD card recording, SD card capture, voice alarm, mobile app message push and the picture is captured, and the current video playback can be accurately positioned. 7, support fog function, support WDR, HDR. Support strong light suppression function.

8, Support humanoid recognition and humanoid alarm. 9, Support multiple network protocols: TCP/IP, HTTP, TCP, ICMP, UDP, ARP, IGMP, SMTP, FTP, DHCP, DNS, DDNS, NTP, UPNP, RTSP, RTMP, etc. 10, Support ONVIF protocol, Hikvision protocol. 11, Support alarm sound outputs.

12, Support alarm recording time customization, 20 seconds to 10 minutes can be set. 13, Support static IP, also support dynamic IP (DHCP). 14, Support custom network card (Mac)address. 17, Supports custom users and authority management.

18, Provide motion detection (area, sensitivity can be set) alarm function. 19, Support Micro SD card function, support up to 256GB Micro SD card.

20, Support PC client to download SD card video. Support horizontal 360-degree infinite rotation and vertical 95-degree rotation. Rotation speed adjustable from 0.1 to 50 degrees/second.

Support 3 groups of light control: infrared short-distance light, infrared long-distance light and white light, which can realize full color day and night, full infrared and other modes. Support fixed-point tracking, cruise tracking, 360-degree horizontal scanning tracking, limit scanning tracking and other tracking modes. Support limited time tracking/continuous tracking mode adjustable and support adjustable tracking speed.

Support 2 groups of cruises, each group of cruises supports a maximum of 64 preset positions. And supports the cruise point stay time and cruise speed adjustable. Supports regular functions such as guard position, 360-degree horizontal scanning, limit scanning, and idle action. And supports adjustable dwell time and rotation speed.

1, Infrared night vision mode in smart light control mode. 2, Full color mode under intelligent lighting control. When the camera detects a person or a car, the camera automatically turns on the white LED light, and the image presents a color night vision mode. When the person or car leaves, the camera will automatically switch to infrared night vision mode.

3, Manual infrared night vision mode under smart light control. Users can switch the lights to infrared night vision mode at night. 4, Manual full-color night vision mode under smart light control.

Users can switch the lights to full-color night vision mode at night. 5, Timing mode under smart lighting control. Users can customize the time period when the lights are turned on and off. Before starting the tracking, the user can set a starting tracking position, we define this position as the 88th preset position (HOME position).

When tracking is turned on, the camera will automatically rotate to this position and then wait for tracking. When a person or car is detected, the camera automatically starts tracking. After the tracking is over, the camera will automatically return to this position to wait for the next tracking. The camera supports adjusting the rotation speed of the tracking. If the tracking speed is too fast or too slow, the user can use the programming function to set the tracking speed according to the actual application scenario.

Users can set each tracking time of the camera according to actual needs. A: The user can set the tracking time length for each tracking as: 15-60 seconds. After the tracking duration is reached, the camera will discard the tracking target and automatically return to the initial position to wait for the next tracking.

B: User can also perform continuous tracking mode for each tracking. When the camera detects a person or car, as long as the tracking target does not disappear, the camera will keep tracking the target. Cruise tracking: the user can set some preset positions, up to 64 preset positions are supported. The camera supports cruising between multiple preset positions.

When the camera finds the tracking target, it will automatically start the tracking function (tracking speed and tracking time are the same as fixed-point tracking). When tracking the target for hours, the camera automatically resumes cruising. 18X Optical Zoom, 3.3-97mm+10X Digital Zoom. 1:8x IR LED for 150meters IR night version. 2:4x White LED for 50 meters Color Night version.

Main stream:3840x2160,3072x1728,2592x1944,2560x1440,2304x1296,1080p, 720p can be set. Substream:720x480, VGA, 640x360,480x360, CIF Can be set. Third stream:1080P, 720P, CIF can be set. And support 1080P, 720P 60fps /4K 20fps /4k 15fps. 264 and MJPEG, Record encode:MP4.

Support Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, sharpness, blc, hlc, 2D NR, 3D NR, Power Frequency, Forced Anti-flicker, Horizon Flip, Vertical Flip, Defoggin, Day shutter and Night shutter mode. Support Auto, Timing, External and Manual. Support 0.001Lux to 1.5 LUX. Support Normal, Forced frame rate and Super Starlight mode. Support title, resolution, bitrate, time, Week, and suppor upload image.

Support static and DHCP, and Support MAC address modification. Support ONVIF and Onvif Absolute move, RTSP, RTMP, Hikvision and Dahua protocol. Support Motion detect, Human, car, motorcycle and bicycle detect.

Support AI alarm, Video cover alarm. Support Max 256GB SD card, NFS, PC software.

Support add and modify user and password And Support authority management. Lightning protection design of motherboard, in line with international standard IEC61000-4-5. Support mobile APP and P2P PC APP. Rotation speed: 0.1° to 60°/S.

Support 1-48 preset position Cruise. Supprot Humanoid and Car Tracking and the speed and time can be customized. Support Fixed position and Cruise Tracking and the speed and time can be customized. The tracking time can not be customized each time, and it also supports continuous tracking (the target does not disappear, and the tracking does not stop). It can be customeized to any position. Support, and Support speed and time can be customized.

Support, and Support speed can be customized. Support DC12V/2A Or POE connection. All software and Manual download.

The RTSP URL format for AJ series cameras is as follows (assuming the IPC IP is For the RTSP URL above, if audio is enabled, the stream will contain both video and audio. If you only need video or audio data, use the following URL. 1x 4K 36X ZOOM POE PTZ IP Camera. 1x DC12V 3A power adapter. It usually takes around 2 to 3 weeks to United Stated, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and some European countries. But for other countries, it may need 4-6 weeks to deliver the parcel. All items will be tested or checked carefully and packaged in good condition before sending out to you. Some faulty items might happen especially after overseas transportation. We promise we will provide prompt and satisfactory solution to you.

Your 100 satisfaction is our greatest goal here. Sometimes it might get filtered as a spam or our office is closed for weekends and public holidays. 5MP IP IR PoE Spy Nanny Hidden PIR Motion Detector Camera Built-in MIC.

36X Zoom 4K 8MP 20fps Hikvision Compatible Audio Alarm POE PTZ Speed IP Camera. New Dahua IPC-HDW3549TM-AS-LED IR IP Camera 5MP Full-Color WizSense Built-in Mic. Dahua IPC-HFW2831T-ZS-S2 8MP 4K Starlight 5xZoom WDR H. 265+ PoE IVS IR IP Camera.

Dahua IPC-HDBW3841E-AS 8MP IR Fixed focal Dome WizSense Network Camera POE Alarm. Dahua IPC-HDW5541H-ASE-PV 5MP POE Fixed-focal Eyeball IP67 AI WizMind IP Camera.

Dahua SD2A500-GN-A-PV 5MP Full-color Pan-Tilt Mic Speaker 2-way Audio PoE Camera. Hikvision Compatible 36XZoom 4K 8MP 30fps Built-in Audio POE PTZ Speed IP Camera. Dahua Tioc2.0 AI 8MP 4K IPC-HDW3849H-AS-PV-S3 Active Deterrence SMD3.0 IP Camera. Hikvision DS-2CD2347G2-LSU/SL 4MP Full-color ColorVu+AcuSense Speaker IP Camera.

Hikvision DS-2CD2443G0-IW 4MP Wireless IR Built-in Mic Speaker WiFi IP Camera. Hikvision DS-2DE2A404IW-DE3/W 4MP 4x Zoom PTZ IP Camera DarkFighter WiFi PoE Mic. Dahua SD3A400-GN-A-PV 4 MP H. 265 IR IVS POE Full Color Network Dome PT Camera. Dahua Starlight 8MP 4K Security IP Camera MIC IPC-HDW2831TM-AS-S2 POE 2.8/3.6mm.

Hikvision DS-2CD2643G2-IZS 4MP WDR POE Motorized Varifocal Bullet CCTV IP Camera. Hikvision DS-2CD1047G2-LUF 4MP ColorVu Fixed Bullet Network Camera Built-in Mic. Dahua IPC-HDW3841T-ZS-S2 8MP Vari-focal Eyeball WizSense Built-in Mic IP Camera. New Dahua IPC-HFW2831S-S-S2 8MP Starlight WDR IVS H. 265+ PoE IR IP Bullet Camera.

Solar Powerd Battery 1080P WIFI 2-way audio PIR Motion Alarm Night Vision Camera. Hikvision 4K 8MP DS-2CD2346G2-ISU/SL IR Strobe Light Audible Warning POE Camera. This item is in the category "Consumer Electronics\Surveillance & Smart Home Electronics\Home Surveillance\Security Cameras".

The seller is "shenxindianzi" and is located in this country: CN. This item can be shipped worldwide.

  1. Battery Included: No
  2. Brand: Unbranded
  3. Color: White
  4. Color Mode: Color Day, B&W Night
  5. Compatible Brand: Dahua, Hikvision
  6. Connectivity: Wired
  7. Features: 180×Zoom, 30fps, 360°infinite rotation, 95°rotation, night version, P/T Speed
  8. Location: Indoor/Outdoor
  9. Maximum Resolution: 8MP
  10. Model: P05M800GLP4T20-D
  11. Number of Cameras Included: 1
  12. Power: DC 12V
  13. Smart Home Protocol: Infrared
  14. Storage Capacity: up to 256GB
  15. Surveillance Technology: IP/Network
  16. Type: PTZ

4K 8MP 30fps 180X Zoom POE Speed Dome P2P PTZ IP Camera Built in Speaker and Mic    4K 8MP 30fps 180X Zoom POE Speed Dome P2P PTZ IP Camera Built in Speaker and Mic